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Passenger Rights and Responsibility

  • Smoking is not permitted in some of our limousines and this is left to the discretion of the driver
  • Consumption of alcohol and drug use is prohibited by law. Any fines will be paid for by the customer.
  • It is illegal to stand through the sunroof.
  • Should vehicle require more than the expected clean up, a $250.00 clean up fee will be charged. A fee of 100.00 for each carpet or seat burn. Damages to the vehicle do not fall under clean up fee and will be billed separately and charged to the credit card.
  • If customer is dissatisfied with the vehicle, customer has the right to refuse service before entering vehicle. Please note that the deposit will not be refunded.
  • Customer and his/her party accept(s) vehicle as is and waives right to refund once service is rendered.

Cancellation Policy

  • The customer has 30 days from the date of reservation for cancellation. Otherwise there will be a $200.00 cancellation fee charged to credit card. If contract holder cancels within or less than 72 hours he will be charged for the entire service.

Company Rights and Liability

  • Arch Express reserves the right to terminate this contract at any time, at our discretion, without refund, per discretion of driver and supervisor.
  • Arch Express will not be responsible for delays due to traffic or weather.
  • Arch Express reserves the right to lease equipment from other companies in order to fulfill this agreement.
  • Arch Express shall not be liable for items left in the vehicle.
  • Arch Express shall not be liable to the passenger, its representatives, next kin, or other persons for any injury to persons or damage to property, unless occasioned by Arch Express negligence.
  • Arch Express shall not be liable for loss of time due to mechanical failures or inclement weather. Arch has up to one (1) hour within the City of Columbus, and up to three (3) hours within the state of Ohio, to get vehicle. Client agrees to waive his right of discount or refund due to mechanical failures.
  • There are no refunds for mechanical failure i.e. air conditioning or any electronic equipment failure or the condition of vehicle both interior and exterior.


  • Full payment is required before the time of service.
  • Your cost is based on the service(s) detailed above and is subject to change in accordance to actual itinerary.
  • With reference to limo service, any additional hours will be $150.00, plus 15% fuel charge, plus 7.5% sales tax, and must be paid in cash.
  • The credit card holder and/or contract holder, acknowledges that Arch Express shall charge my credit card the total fees agreed on and any extra charges for clean up, damages to vehicle, and/or extra time. The passenger agrees with all the terms of Arch Express policy. In the event of cancelation, the card holder further agrees to pay a service fee of 25% if the customer canceled prior to the time of service and in the event of no show or less than three days cancellation, the customer shall be financially liable for the full charge.

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